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Video games and the little ones

February 2023 | Valeria Roura

This topic is like a connection and is related to the use of technology in children. The content that our little ones consume when interacting with videogames has an impact on both their physical and emotional health. And it is that not having established limits in relation to the time of use with video games can have significant consequences for it. This topic is extremely important, and in the third episode of Educate for your little podcast, Suzette and I were talking about video game classifications and everything related to children and the impact on their development.




• Early Childhood

This classification is for children under 6 years of age. They haven't made video games under this classification for a long time. I have done different searches, but I did not find any recent video game under that classification. 


• Everyone (6 years and older)

This video game classification is for children over 6 years old, they can use it since the content is similar to cartoons.


• Everyone (10 years and older)

It is important that you verify the ages under which each classification is, since although this is repeated, it is for children 10 years and older. The content of these video games is more for teenagers since it contains fantasy, violence, caricature.


• Teen (Adolescents)

This is for teens 13 and older as the content may be violent, low blood, simulated gambling, etc.


• Mature (Maduro)

This is for youth ages 17 and up. Here they are already videogames with a lot of explicit content.


• Adult

This is for 18 and over as the content is more graphic, includes prolonged violence, and is highly explicit.  

It is important that when choosing a video game, you check the back of the package, and there you will mostly find the classifications.


Consequences of extreme use of video games

Here I share several consequences of not having limits to the use of video games. It is extremely important that you set limits with your little ones when playing video games.

  1. Addiction
  2. Obesity
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression
  5. Shyness
  6. Aggressiveness


Recommendations to take into consideration in relation to video games

Verify game rating

When purchasing a video game, check its ratings and if it is suitable for the child and their age. Read its content carefully to make the best decision.


Set time limits for use

Set a day and usage time for gaming use. 


Do not expose children under 6 years of age to video games.

If the child is under the age of 6, it is not recommended to expose them to video games. 


Do not use video games 1 hour before bed.

Videogames disturb sleep as this stimulates brain activity, for this reason it will cause problems to fall asleep. If video games contain violence, they can cause nightmares.


Share more with family

Having a space where they can carry out family activities that positively contribute to the development of children and family unity. For example, in the afternoons go out to the patio to play with a ball, water the plants, if you have pets share with them.


Identify risk situations

It is important that as parents we are alert for any signs that can alert you that the child and/or adolescent is at risk with the use of video games. These can be:

  • Changes in behavior (aggressiveness, impulsivity, violence)
  • I abandon doing other activities, spending time with family or friends.
  • Poor school performance

The child may present these or other signs, it is important that if you identify any of these signs, it is important that you seek the help of a professional.



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