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Technology and kids

February 2023 | Valeria Roura

Technology and kids


Many children are living in this age where technology is accessible and everything is moving digital. Without a doubt, technology has come to facilitate many things, however, its misuse and management can have irreversible consequences for children. In this second episode of Edúcate para tu Peque  Podcasts, Suzette and I will be talking about technology and children, we will also be providing you with strategies on how you can reduce the use of screen with your little ones.

How long is it recommended to use technology in children


We know that many parents use technology as a means of entertainment for their children, either because this parent or caregiver needs to do some homework, work, etc. However, the age of the child and the recommended time that they can be in front of a screen or electronic device must be taken into account. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is recommended that children under two years of age not be exposed to the use of screens (cell phones, tablets, TV). For this reason, I recommend that children under the age of two can use other materials such as sensory balls, some small bells that come for babies, since it is something healthy for their development and learning. For children under the age of two, there are educational materials such as plastilina, arena[_0127_5_21] or other sensory materials. Recommended screen time for children ages two to five is one hour a day. With children over the age of five, it is recommended to start establishing limits regarding the time they spend on the screen or electronic device. An example of this can be, establishing home rules where it indicates that the screen will be seen for half an hour or a maximum of one hour a day. This can be negotiated with the child to split up during the day.

Sometimes you may think that the child loves to watch the screen because they prefer cartoons, however this may be due to the overstimulation that the child receives by watching the screen. It is extremely important that you are aware of what program or cartoon the child is watching. Being exposed to technology at such an early age can have consequences. To know the consequences, I invite you to continue reading the following paragraph.


Consequences on children when using the screen or electronic device for a long time


  1. Childhood Obesity
  2. Trouble concentrating
  3. Children's Depression
  4. Child Anxiety


General recommendations that will help you manage the use of technology, screens and electronic devices in children:


  1. Limit the time of use and establish rules in a visual way so that the child can see it. 
  2. He does outdoor activities such as watering the plants, playing with his pets.
  3. Work on activities that promote their development such as: painting, molding plasticine, playing with a ball, riding a bike, etc.
  4. If you have a medical appointment, allow the child to bring some material that helps their development and learning. 
  5. Be aware of what content the child is consuming, assess if it is appropriate for their age.
  6. One hour before bedtime, turn off all electronic devices. In this case you can read a story before going to sleep.

Children do not need technology to develop, however if as a parent you have exposed them to it, here we share recommendations that they can begin to put into practice, especially to understand the consequences of using it prolonged use of electronic devices in the lives of children.

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