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Do you want to do some Valentine's activity with your little one?

January 2023 | Valeria Roura

Today I want to show you 4 fun and creative ideas for your little one with simple and easy-to-find materials. Additionally, you will have different benefits such as:

 Develop fine motor skills 
 Improve hand-eye coordination 
 reduce stress 
 stimulate creativity 
 Contributes to the stimulation of the senses

Activity 1 

You will need sand and the PDF with the upper and lower case letters of Creating for Peques. Your little one can form the letters in the sand or invite him to create hearts or words related to Valentine's Day such as love, hug, I love you, among others. 


Activity #2 

Another activity with Creating for Peques sand to create a sensory box. In addition, you can include pipe cleaners, foam hearts, felt, sponges, feathers, among other textured materials. You can also include scented materials to encourage the sense of smell. Then the little one will be able to play freely with the materials, take them out with tweezers to another container or classify it by color. 


Activity 3 

For this third activity you will only need one of the ssets of plasticine or "playdough" with the accessories and the PDF of numbers from Creating for Peques. Then your little one will be able to form a heart with plasticine, the numbers and fill in the hearts as they prefer according to the quantity of the number indicated on the activity sheet. 


Activity #4 

Finally, another activity with plasticine or "playdough" from Creating for Peques is to form hearts or words related to the theme with cookie molds or that your little one can let his creativity flow and form what you want by completing them with the accessories that the plasticine sets have. 


I hope you have fun, learn and spend quality time doing one or more of these activities. Remember to share it on your networks and tag us as @creatingforpeques so we don't miss that you did it.

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