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About us and our purpose

January 2023 | Valeria Roura

Who is behind Aventucrianza and Creating for peques? 

If you are one of the people who likes topics related to respectful upbringing and children's development-learning, most likely you have interacted with, read or heard about Aventucriaza and Creating for Peques. And it is that in this era of social networks and technology, it has allowed people like us, Valeria and Suzette, to be able to impact the lives of parents and children through its content, which is aimed at providing tools and strategies for parents to provide respectful upbringing and help their children in their development. We had a common interest and a genuine desire to continue impacting lives and reach more families, which is why we came together to develop a podcast called Educate yourself for your little one, where both from our experience and knowledge will be sharing everything related to the upbringing and development of your little ones. I invite you to continue reading to find out who is behind Creating For Peques and Aventucrianza

Podcast Edúcate Para Tu Peque

Who is behind Creating for Peques?

My name is Valeria and I am from Puerto Rico, but I moved to the United States more than a year ago. I have a Pedagogy Baccalaureate as a Preschool and Elementary Teacher from the University of Puerto Rico at the Bayamón campus and I worked as a preschool teacher. He had always wanted his own business. Initially I started a business making "crafts" (crafts), but even though he liked it, I couldn't see myself doing that all my life. For this reason, I began to analyze what I really wanted to do. That is when I recognize that I loved educating and that I am very good at doing it and I said "why not do something that goes along that line and at the same time continue supporting the learning of the little ones, even if I were not in the classroom". That is where I start to shape Creating For Peques, where I created an online store aimed at educational toys, activities, activity sheets to support learning in the little ones in a creative and fun way. And not only did he want to impact the lives of parents and children, but he also wanted to be a support resource for teachers. 

Hola, soy Valeria

Everything that is worked on the page, from the educational toys to the activity sheets, everything is evaluated and ensures that each one has its benefits and contribution to the development of the children. I say that "although I am not in a classroom at the moment, I want to continue impacting the lives of the little ones with each toy and activity sheet that they work on." In the same way, from my experience as a teacher, I saw the need for parents to become more involved in the development and learning of their children. Through the content shared on my social networks I explain how you can work on activities with children. I also want parents to understand the importance of actively participating in everything related to the development and learning of their children. 

All the recommendations that I offer in my content, it is because I would do it, I have already analyzed it. Although sometimes I must confess that "it is difficult to compete with already recognized and established brands", however, it is very likely that these big brands "do not take the time to think about the benefit of that toy and why they are selling it ”. Although sometimes this frustrates me, it doesn't stop me since the purpose with Creating for Peques goes further. Explaining the benefits of each game, activity and so on is what has characterized me. For me it is important to let the child go through the experience, for example, allow the children to do activities with painting. I recognize that this can become a disaster, however, the most important thing here is the experience and how this activity contributes to the development of that little one. That is why I emphasize that the activities are directed by the adult in a respectful way with the child. One recommendation that I offer is that in this case of doing an activity that involves painting, the area destined for that is prepared and the child is explained how the activity is going to develop. Helping to stimulate the development and learning of children is an extremely important task that parents have and when the child is ready to have their school experience, it will be a collaboration with the teacher. I remain passionate and focused on my purpose and Creating for Peques is the voice with which I want to continue impacting the lives of both children and families. 

You already know how Creating for Peques came about. Now, how did Aventucrianza come about and who is behind it?

Suzette Miranda, a Social Worker by profession, who received her baccalaureate training at the Caribbean University Vega Baja Campus and completed her Master's degree in Direct Services, at the Interamerican University Arecibo Campus, has experience since her baccalaureate, where he had the opportunity to do his internship in the Family Department. After this, she worked part-time as a case manager at a hospital, where she later quit to work for the Head Start Program in the town of Orocovis. And then he worked at the Christian Military Academy Head Start Program for about four years. At the age of 29, she became the mother of a girl for the first time. Here began her interest in issues related to the pregnancy process, child development and parenting. Suzette was a nursing mother, therefore, she created an attachment with her little daughter, and she expressed that the process of leaving her daughter to return to work made it extremely difficult for her. 

Suzette de Aventucrianza
In the month of September 2019, she is certified as a Facilitator in Positive Discipline. This changed his perspective about parenting. From there he continued his desire to learn and obtain new tools that would help him in the parenting process. From there begins his concern for wanting to share his experiences and knowledge with other fathers, mothers and families regarding the issue of respectful parenting. Suzette creates a page on social networks called Mommi'n Lifes, where she shared her experiences as a new mom and provided information related to everything that involves motherhood and children. She mentions that when the COVID-19 pandemic began, she was forced to quit her job to stay under the care of her daughter. There he had the opportunity to see his daughter take her first steps and be closer to her development.

Even though Suzette had social media where she shared information, she is vocal that she wasn't getting the message across the way she wanted. By resigning from a full-time job, I was looking for ways to continue to impact the lives of families and be a supportive entity for others who were going through the same process, or also who want to be able to implement positive discipline in raising children. their children. She begins to introspect how she could help other families, sharing her experience and knowledge. There began the process of restructuring social networks, working on the visual identity and changing the name. In that process of looking for the name, she wanted the name to be related to upbringing. She began to write, taking into consideration the daily experiences she had with her daughter, which were challenging and adventurous. After a few weeks, what is now Aventucrianza was born. The purpose is to share, educate and support fathers and mothers in the process of raising their children. In addition to her social networks, she created a blog to be able to provide more information and tools to other families. 

We are very happy to be able to collaborate together in this new project, the podcast called Edúcate para tu peque. Here both will be sharing from their experience and knowledge everything related to the upbringing and development-learning of children.

We both invite you to tune in through the platforms of Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio.


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